Networking with Fun & Results


This workshop inspires wo-men to start developing their internal and external networks. We focus on changing the mindset on networking (thinking about it as a ‘win’ instead of a threat) and on practicing and experiencing the power of networking in the here-and-now. Practical tips on how to become more effective are shared as well as some gender differences/sensitivities that are interesting to know about will be addressed.


One of the building blocks for a successful and happy career is the ability to tap into your network for advice, information, feedback, support. You’ll find out how to use networking as a career tool. Women tend to spend less time developing their internal and external networks. Partly because they don’t see the added value and are hesitant about the time investment. Partly because they think networking is an unfair way of getting what you want. Partly because they find it scary to get involved in networks without knowing anybody.


After this workshop you will have developed your networking skills, be able to network more effectively and inclusively, and enjoy yourself while doing it!



Want to co-create a workshop on networking with fun & results in your organization? 

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