Total Life Balance for more energy!


In the workshop Life Balance you’ll learn to feel free regardless of gender, and to identify your energy sources and energy drainers.  What are the hidden factors that can help you get into the flow, or on the contrary that might leave you tired and demotivated? The concept we use is called Total Life Balance and explores the important dimensions and roles you fulfill in your life.

By taking time to identify what your energy sources and drainers are, you will get a pretty good picture of where you should focus your attention on and which things you'd better avoid or delegate to someone else.


Women experience more social pressure “being a good mother, partner, professional”... They ofeel guilt more easily when they take time for themselves.

Juggling the different roles you have in life can leave you feeling exhausted. The traditional divide between ‘work’ and ‘life’ doesn’t really explain why it is sometimes harder to motivate yourself to give it your all. You might work hard but love your job and get plenty of energy from it, or you might work hard and still feel undervalued or drained.


Every participant defines which actions to undertake in order to ban energy draining activities and to allow positive energy to flow.




Want to co-create an in-company workshop, training or key-note on life balance? 

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