'Stand out while navigating corporate life.'


In this workshop, you will learn how to self-reflect, discover your authentic self and how to bring this to the surface in your professional life. We will use the McClelland Iceberg Model to discover who you are, how you behave, what you value and belief and what drives your behavior.

People are like icebergs. The visible part is the one you tend to focus on in a professional context: what can you do, what do you know, how do you perform?

However the most important part of your iceberg is hidden under the surface. It is the area of your opinions, beliefs, convictions and values. Even deeper into the water are your drivers and motivators.

Staying true to yourself starts with being aware of your personal iceberg and how it currently helps or blocks you to find fulfillment in your career. When the three levels of your personal iceberg are working together you can move mountains.


'Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.' Being able to self-reflect is key to gaining more knowledge about yourself and to act authentically in your professional life. However, it can be difficult to start this self-reflection on your own without any guidance.  


This workshop helps you to reconnect to your power sources that are hidden underneath the surface. It will empower you to become more aware of what drives you, to take charge of your thoughts and to inspire others to show authenticity in the workplace.




Want to co-create a workshop or key-note on authenticity in your organization? 

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