Career Vitamins

'8 Vitamins for a healthy & happy career.'


This workshop gives an energy boost to women’s careers. You discover the 8 building blocks for developing a successful and healthy career that will spark your enthusiasm.

There are a number of barriers to women’s career development that neither women nor companies are aware of. Conforming to a predominantly masculine career model and navigating the career labyrinth day by day can leave you feeling exhausted. This workshop will teach you how you can change your attitude towards navigating your career in order to get energy out of it. 


Women tend to be less informed, concerned and actively busy with their career development. They also have less role models and less sponsors. This results in a more difficult career advancement and difficulty in unlocking their full potential. A loss off potential talent for companies, and a loss of opportunities for women; they do not get the chance to develop their potential and end up not getting where they should/could be. Further more, studies reveal that women receive more critical feedback on attitude then on their work, even though the latter is critical for career advancement.

On top of it all, women come across much more invisible barriers while rolling out their career path. By not seeing/knowing those, they become even more vulnerable and do not get access to a level playing field. 


After this workshop you will learn to navigate the career labyrinth by focusing on the key drivers that can help you become more visible and better at achieving what you really want more easily. 




Want to co-create a workshop, training or key-note about career vitamins in your organization? 

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