In this workshop you will learn to negotiate for yourself in a successful way. You will learn to balance masculine and feminine behavior in negotiations to get the best outcome.


Negotiation skills are the key to career success. Any woman seeking to develop her career while safeguarding her personal and professional interests needs to be willing and able to negotiate for herself. Research shows that when women negotiate for themselves they are perceived as less likable or even aggressive. As a girl they have been educated to wait and not ask. These unconscious barriers and biases have a huge impact on career progress and equal opportunities. In surveys, women stated they feel ' a great deal of apprehension about negotiating' 2.5 times more than men, in part due to their tendency to underestimate their value and standing in deliberations.
Too many women work hard, deliver excellent results, and hope that the right people will notice. They hope rewards and recognition (and why not a promotion) will automatically follow, unfortunately this is often not the case.


You will be able to negotiate more successfully and with more self-confidence. The list of positive effects on your personal and professional life is endless.




Want to co-create an in-company workshop, training or key-note on negotiating? 

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