Balanced Leadership


This workshop will put the topic of D&I on the table in a playful way. The Balanced Leadership Self-Assessment will teach you about your personal balance of masculine and feminine energies and qualities, your blind spots, your strengths and challenges. Together we discover how leaders can be balanced in their role, tapping from both their masculine and feminine qualities depending on what the situation requires, no matter their gender. 


Balanced leaders are able to create a truly inclusive culture that thrives on various insights and talents of employees and stakeholders. In such culture, employees can built sustainable solutions that are better for your own work, your clients and the society at large. By integrating masculine and feminine qualities in leadership, and valuing them equally within your organisations, you allow leaders to tap into their full potential and get better and more innovative results.


Get a better understanding on how corporate culture operates as a system of exclusion or inclusion that entails advantages for specific members or your organisation. Identify pitfalls within your team’s way of working and learn how to understand the impact of an inclusive culture. Develop a shared view on the benefits of a better balanced culture and how you can achieve this.

The core concept of the game and workshop is based on the model of Balanced Leadership as described in our book The Balanced Leader.




Interested in co-creating an in-company workshop, training or key-note on Balanced Leadership?  

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