Unconscious Bias


This workshop makes you aware of which stereotypes exists in a playful way. Together we will play the Invisible Walls game to discover stereotypes linked to different social groups. After having played this game, that is based on extensive research, you are asked to think about the consequences of biases. Discover what biases you have, how they affect your professional life and your relationship with others. We end the workshop with handing out concrete tools to become less biased.  


Unconscious bias is still one of the main reasons of unintentional exclusion. By bringing it to the surface and accepting its existence, you are able to make a shift towards more inclusion in your behavior. Not letting your behavior be influenced by stereotypical thinking will help you to accept diversity and help you become more inclusive.


After this workshop you will be more aware of how bias is getting in the way of giving people who are different the same opportunities. You will be able to reflect more on your own (biased) behavior and our Bias Interrupter Model will help you to make a better judgement of the people around you.




Want to co-create a training, workshop or key-note on unconscious bias in your organization? 

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