Discover your Uniqueness


We are all unique, but most of us have a hard time pinpointing exactly what makes us feel special. In this workshop we use several tools to discover your talents, allowing you to get to know yourself and figure out how to make your uniqueness stand out. Once you have a clear vision on your talents, we take time to explore how to use them best in a professional context, allowing your uniqueness to make you shine at work.


Women often don’t take enough time for self-reflection, even though it is the perfect way to discover hidden talents. Unlocking those talents will lead to a more sustainable and happy career. It will also help you gain confidence at work and help others notice how unique you are. Why? Because you need to be convinced of your own worth and contributions before you can make others realize what you are capable of. Seeing your talents clearly will help you make career decisions. It will give you a sense of direction that is key in reaching your personal and professional goals. Knowing your talents will enhance your confidence and allow you to take the next step.


In this workshop you will receive a lot of feedback on your talents and what makes you unique. Both facilitator and participants will give each other honest feedback from a neutral outsider perspective that helps you gain insights. It will help you unlock your hidden potential and use all of your talents for your professional advancement. Most importantly, it will make you feel happier and more fulfilled knowing how to align your talents with your current working conditions. Having a clear view on your capabilities will result in feeling more energized to get ahead.




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