Public Speaking


Public Speaking is a way to inspire, influence and impact those around you whether it be on stage, in a meeting, or at a networking event. This interactive training will provide you with plenty of tips and tricks for a more powerful presentation. After discovering them, you’ll get the chance to put them to practice right away, receiving instant feedback from the coaches.  This session will be co-facilitated by Danielle Moens, Co-founder of the Centre for Balanced Leadership & Elizabeth Van Den Bergh, Public Speaking Coach and Head Speaker Coach at TEDxFlanders.


Being a good and confident public speaker, as well as a good communicator, is essential for your career advancement. Women often don’t feel enough at ease to take the stage, so they don’t speak up. This undermines their career growth and gives them a disadvantage when being compared to colleagues who do love speaking publicly. This workshop will make you gain the confidence to speak for groups, big or small. It will motivate you to take up speaking engagements, both internally and externally, increasing your visibility and career opportunities.


After this workshop you will:

  • have more confidence to speak publicly and you will know how to create impact by doing so;
  • know how to shine on stage and enjoy presenting your thoughts and ideas to a larger audience;
  • be aware of gender differences in communication styles and understand how to adapt your own style to that of your audience;
  • have a better connection with your audience and most importantly: you will have fun with public speaking!




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