Navigating Change


A workshop focusing on the crucial role corporate culture plays in achieving breakthrough changes. You will explore the impact of every individual in enabling change and contributing to its success through affecting culture. In 4 key steps, you will become a change agent for a new and improved culture by learning how to value both masculine and feminine qualities, ensuring a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Elements of the workshop include:

  • Seeing a new reality
  • Sensing your personal role in sustaining or challenging the current corporate culture
  • Staying close to your personal drivers and motivations
  • Starting to create change.


Culture is made tangible in a number of ways. For instance in how your company defines ‘ambition’, or in who is considered a good leader. It reflects what is valued within a company and therefore has a big impact on the qualities and skills employees develop and showcase. Culture also has a big impact on how processes of change happen. Looking at culture through a new lens can give you new insights to facilitate change.   


By looking at culture through a new lens, you will gain insights to facilitate change. Creating a culture that values both masculine and feminine qualities, and that is diverse and inclusive, will help you become more innovative, driving change in an efficient yet creative way.




Want to learn how to navigate change in your organization? 

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