Reconnect to your inner source and drivers, be your true self, take charge of your thoughts, find your unique voice.

Total Life Balance for more energy!

Explore the roles you fulfill in life and energy sources and drainers. Focus on energy creation and life flow!  


Political Game: play it to change it

Discover your profile and get what you want with integrity. Use it positively and neutralize efforts of those who abuse it.


Networking with Impact and Fun

Inspiring women to start and enjoy networking by changing mindsets and hands-on experiences.

Personal Branding

Discover the secrets to effective personal branding for women with the 4 C’s: Courage, Clarity, Consistency, Constancy.

Career Vitamins

Boost for women’s careers. Discover 8 building blocks for a successful and healthy career. Become more visible and achieve what you want.


Invisible Walls and Unconscious Bias

Play the Invisible Walls Game to uncover hidden bias in your team/company. Tools to eliminate negative effects on decision making.


Balanced Leader Game

How balanced is your team/company? Fun and interactive corporate culture game for teams.

Do men really communicate differently than women?

Developing effective and gender intelligent communication styles for men and women.

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