Start 2 SHINE

Start 2 SHINE

A one-day training to guide women with 0 to 5 years of working experience in defining their future career path.

What can you expect?

Start 2 SHINE will teach you strategies to help you keep up the great energy and good hopes you have for working in your organization and getting ahead. It will provide you with insight on how the corporate world is not a level playing field for both genders, and make you aware of opportunities as well as possible setbacks you might encounter being an ambitious women at the start of her career.

Get to know yourself better, discover your talents in depth and define your career ambitions from the start on. Empower yourself and other participants by sharing experiences. Learn how to stay balanced in a traditional (masculine) corporate culture and how to bypass obstacles that can slow down your career. Discover tools that will allow you to grow; developing your strengths even further to realize your full potential. Start 2 SHINE will be given by experienced Female Leadership Coach Danielle Moens.

Why this program?

Start 2 SHINE is the little sister of the two-day SHINE program. After over 10 years and over 1500 women being coached in SHINE, Danielle Moens has developed a shorter program for women at the start of their career. Less time to invest in training, a more democratic prize to fit a smaller training budget, and the opportunity for more women to join and develop their full potential from the start on.

As women are still slabbed by unconscious bias, the SHINE program remains very valuable and there is still need to provide women with insight in the mechanisms and systems that slow down their career. Leadership is still persistently associated with masculinity, while motherhood and femininity are considered synonyms for lack of ambition. To avoid any penalties as a women in a corporate company, it is more important then ever to know how to deal with hurdles and barriers before you encounter them.


  1. Who am I and what are my talents?
  2. What am I passionate about and what do I dream of?
  3. How can I reach my goals and unlock my full potential?
  4. How can I bypass my barriers?
  5. Career tips to speed up your career
  6. Networking drink and celebration of the kickoff of a new start

 Coffice Mechelen


  • For women with 0 to 5 years working experience
  • A one-day program on Saturday
  • Language: English
  • We work in small groups of max. 15 participants
  • Location: Coffice Mechelen - Ijzerenleen 33, 2800 Mechelen - Only a 1km walk from Mechelen train station & Mechelen-Nekkerspoel train Station
  • Program fee of € 175 (excl. VAT)
  • Additional coaching sessions can be scheduled individually at € 500 per session
  • Promo! Bring a friend and pay only € 300 (excl. VAT) for the two of you. Send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell Pascale who you will bring with you. 

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November 30th, 2019   March 28th, 2020   June 20th, 2020



Danielle Moens is co-founder of the Centre for Balanced Leadership. She supports CEO’s and leaders in creating a balanced organizational culture and accompanies women in their careers. She has developed the female empowerment program SHINE (Strategies Helping You into the Next level) with more than 1500 female participants globally. Before becoming a coach Danielle built up a successful sales and marketing career at a global ICT company for 10 years. After that she switched to property investment and started to retrain as a coach. Her career as a professional coach focuses on increasing the understanding of and respect for gender and international differences. She firmly believes in creating synergies in collaboration between people of different nationalities and gender. Danielle lived in the Netherlands, France and Belgium. She has developed a helicopter view of the strengths and areas for development in these cultures and incorporates these in her view on people coaching and organizational development.

Danielle inspired the ideas of "The Balanced Leader. Exploring the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy", published in 2011. She is Associate Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation and was a board member of the Belgian Chapter. She was a board member of the vMA Management Association Brussels. She speaks fluently Dutch, French, English and understands German and Spanish. Danielle has three children.

Her passion comes from a firm belief that balanced cultures are the way forward in achieving a more sustainable and human world. She’s convinced that the disbalances in feminine and masculine qualities in all domains of society and our world contribute to the risks we are exposed to today. Gender balance and balancing masculine and feminine qualities in leadership are for her the first building blocks in creating a better and more sustainable future.

Any questions about SHINE Start? Contact Danielle at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.