If you have a brain, you have bias. It is as simple as that. Or isn’t it? Unconscious bias is a well-debated topic amongst D&I professionals and often a good first introduction to the topic of diversity and inclusion in an organization.

To be fair, Unconscious Bias training can be too theoretical, judgmental, or even boring.

It can miss an element of discovery, curiosity and connection. Our unique format gets people energized and enthusiastic while discovering hidden biases. We create openness, courage and lightness and co-create practical easy-to-use bias hacks with participants.

What are the results of our approach?

Participants report gaining new insights, sharing experiences, exploring behavioural change, recognizing and checking your (un)conscious bias, and discussing the topics openly in a safe setting. They become more aware of the role of company culture and learn to address biases in a powerful yet connecting way. Their newly gained insights allow them to openly discuss biases outside the workshop and thus influence the entire organization. Result: more courageous conversations and individual accountability in a positive and empowering way.

How does it work?

As unconscious bias is present in all of us, and is the result of mechanisms in our brain fed by past experience. Getting rid of it entirely is extremely difficult. However, awareness is the first step in mitigating biased behaviour that negatively influences decision making and team work.

HACK-YOUR-BIAS challenges participants to explore the topic themselves. We combine different methodologies to cater for cognitive diversity and different learning styles.

The workshop consists of clear building blocks such as:

  • A 15’ TED-like talk on How to Hack your Bias
  • Connection with the Mind, Heart and Will (based on U-Theory of C. Otto Scharmer)
  • Invisible Walls Game: a game with stereotypical statements drawn from research on a variety of identities that gives participants the opportunity to get acquainted, reflect and discuss stereotypes and unconscious beliefs they hold themselves or that they might have come across in their organisation.
  • How to Hack your Bias: practice the bias-interrupter model, challenge and change your perspective, with colleagues
  • High energy wrap up

And there’s more…

Train-the-trainer: as the workshop is made out of clear and simple building blocks, we can train members of your organization to give the workshop themselves, allowing you to reach a bigger audience in no-time!

Want to hack bias in your organisation?

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