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BIG Deal® is a high impact in-house program offering new insights, experiences and practical tools to build an inclusive and balanced company culture. 


  • Balanced

  • Inclusive

  • Gender Intelligent

Diversity can be a very powerful driver for innovation and engagement, if it is embedded in an open and inclusive company culture. 

What matters is encouraging diversity of thought, by empowering people to bring their different points of view to the table.

Science and experience show that even though we all agree this is a good thing, our brains and social norms can get in the way.

The BIG Deal®  invites you to re-visit and think critically about some of your key thoughts and beliefs around diversity, stereotyping and gender in the workplace.

It is a highly engaging, interactive, hands-on experience.


Content of the BIG Deal® 

This unique and high impact program offers 4 modules:

MODULE 1: Understanding the Opportunity: the business case for diversity and inclusion from the perspective of Talent, Innovation, Efficiency, Consumer, Brand and Shareholder Value

MODULE 2: Assessing Corporate Culture: learning to see culture with new eyes, striking a balance between masculine and feminine qualities in leadership

MODULE 3: Increasing Gender Intelligence: thinking critically about gender roles and how these affect individual careers of men and women in the workplace

MODULE 4: Preparing for Inclusive Leadership: experience inclusion/exclusion, empathy, leading for inclusion, self-assessment and peer coaching


Key take aways

  • Transforms participants into ambassadors and agents of change for a balanced and an inclusive company
  • Clarifies how gender balance and company culture interact
  • Uses the momentum of awareness and buy-in to lead by example


BIG Deal®  Format : sustainable effects and continuity

  • Online Pre-Survey of participants.
  • One-to-two-day highly interactive workshop, using different techniques and innovative formats (quiz, strategic debate, games, discussion, video, individual reflection, group work, peer coaching…).  
  • Webinar to exchange experiences, follow up and demonstrate the Toolkit
  • Toolkit to enable further dissemination and integration of learnings
  • Train-the-trainer program


Unique approach

Our approach is based on years of research, our experiences from working with hundreds of men and women in organizations and obviously our personal leadership experiences. 

CFBL was the first to develop a business-related model of Balanced Leadership in order to make it tangible, workable and result-oriented.

Our facilitators coach in the here-and-now and create a trusted environment in which personal experiences and views and beliefs can be shared and challenged.

We strongly believe coaching leaders and organizations with a coaching culture are better connected to employees, to customers and to the corporate environment at large. 

We are ambassadors for a new style of leadership using the full potential of an individual in terms of masculine and feminine energy. Both are present in every individual; however they have often not been developed in the same way.

In order to improve understanding and collaboration gender needs to be considered as an important yet not all-determining element. Our experience in working with gender as a component of the self leads to less stereotyping and increases knowledge on gender roles and gender bias people (un)consciously have.



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