BIG Deal® is a high impact program offering new insights, experiences and practical tools to build an inclusive and balanced company culture.…

  • SHINE®

    Strategies Helping You Into the Next Level. SHINE is a program developed to encourage women to pro-actively manage their careers in…


    High impact workshops designed to support companies in their inclusion & diversity journey. To the point, fun, interactive...

  • SHINE Executive
    SHINE Executive

    A 2 day leadership training and coaching program to help you get to the next level in your career.

  • SHINE Start
    SHINE Start

    A one-day training to guide women with 0 to 5 years of working experience in defining their future career path...


    Introducing Unconscious Bias in an interactive way. The perfect start for your organization's D&I journey.

Our Expertise

Our approach is innovative, unique and highly effective. 

Back in 2011 we pioneered and published "The Balanced Leader" to clarify our vision and to clearly describe what it takes to build a balanced and inclusive corporate culture.

Many companies working on D&I focus on gender, generations, culture. Our expertise lies in co-creating systemic change by (re)balancing corporate culture. 

It takes masculine and feminine qualities to build an inclusive corporate culture, it takes balanced leaders to truly foster diversity of thought.

Every individual has masculine and feminine qualities. Focusing on the leadership style to build the future today creates space and takes away resistance. 

Our approach is inclusive and invites all to be part of the balancing leadership journey.

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