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SWITCH – Smart Women in The Chemical Industry is a professional network and business community of talented women working in engineering and the chemical industry

Why a network for women?

Women remain in the minority throughout the pipeline. This can lead to feelings of alienation and can leave some women feeling like they don’t belong. With fewer female role models than other industries and fewer senior women to serve as sponsors, this “outsider” feeling affects access to development opportunities, sponsorship and ultimately career aspirations and ambitions .

A dedicated and high level network for women in the chemical industry empowers talented women to build their professional network and to invest time in their personal development as a (future) leader. 

To make STEM more attractive to women, organizations need to ensure that company leaders are sponsoring promising women, making performance criteria transparent, concrete and specific, and promoting flexible work options .

By investing in the participation of women to the high level events of SWITCH, companies invest in the development of their female talent pipeline, their business development and their corporate brand as a forward looking gender balanced employer. Women stepping up to advance in their careers will help bridge the gender gap.


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