Men noting positive change.

Men noting positive change.

The last two weeks I’ve been to several ICT networking Events and had many interesting conversation with (mostly) men. As we all know women are underrepresented in this field, so it's no surprise that they are less visible at networking activities.

One of the conversations I had particularly inspired me. Let me share it with you.

A young man told me that since 2016 the company he is working for (one of the BIG 4 companies) made a serious effort on recruiting women for their IT department. The last year a few women joined his team and this has made a big difference to him. He literally said : ‘I love to go to work in the morning now because the atmosphere in our team is so different since I have female colleagues’.

Also he said "We collaborate in a different way with more respect for each other and we have become a real team, with a great team-spirit which was not the case 2 years ago."

He talked more about the ways in which he sees men and women communicate differently. He sees that there is now more openness in his team to communicate differently and there is room to show more emotions. Also more sharing of work related information resulting in a better decision making process.

The key thing I remember from this conversation was that he told me his team has booked better results with fewer people. He said "this is because of the higher motivation of every individual in my team".

From now on I’m even more motivated to continue our mission for creating a diverse and inclusive culture within companies, and to bring balance not only of genders but also of qualities and energies.