Empowering women to SHINE even more in 2018!

Empowering women to SHINE even more in 2018!

This year I’m looking forward to the next SHINE trainings I’ll be giving in Brussels.

SHINE exists 10 years in 2018 and over the years I have accompanied more than 1500 women in their personal and career journey, and I’m still very motivated to reach out to more.

I still receive regular messages of the women that followed the training years ago, thanking me for having had such a positive impact on their career journey. I helped them unlock their full potential and find an easier way to navigate in an often still masculine environment, while staying balanced, self-confident and happy. I’ve watched them flourish.

My mission is to help women in business around the world to become more in touch with their talents and dreams, while becoming more self-confident, aware and free.

Join me for the upcoming SHINE events!