The Relevance of the SHINE Training

The Relevance of the SHINE Training

As we all know, every company's competitive advantage is based on the efficient allocation and superior use of its resources and capabilities. To fully tap into these resources and capabilities, it is of foremost importance to take good care of them and ensure they are developed to the fullest.

And that is what SHINE provides for you.

And that is what I will provide for you.

Having experience in the corporate sector myself, I have found myself on many turning points in my career where an external coach or some guidance would have proven useful. Since then, I have researched what women in these positions need most, which factors they take into account while making decisions. I have listened to them, understood their needs and wanted to give them the means to move forward. What distinguishes me as a trainer is that throughout my career, I have guided so many women through these loopholes, allowing me to quickly assess tradeoffs and consequences, and adjust actions accordingly. This has resulted in a large network of women, who know they are not the only ones facing these tradeoffs, as well as experience that provides me with insights about how certain corporate practices tend to lead to long term results, either closer to or further away from the long term business goals.

I have gathered these crucial learnings in a training called SHINE: strategies helping you into the next level. One may wonder why it is necessary to have a training for women only. I’ve received this question many times before, and my answer is always the same: because nature and nurture have made our progress different, and different factors carry different weights in our final equation. The SHINE training should be considered in a greater movement of corporate cultural change where the main goal always remains to make sure that your resources and capabilities grow, in an inclusive and enabling environment, towards the same corporate goals your company wants to see accomplished.

Reach out to me if you have any further questions, or if you would like to discuss how we can work together.

Danielle Moens

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