Why join SHINE?

Why join SHINE?

Do you want to share experiences with other talented women and extend your network?

First we need to acknowledge the fact that women face different challenges than men do. Leadership is still associated with masculinity, making it less attainable for women and much more challenging once they have obtained a leadership position. The norm for women still is to comply and conform to the female stereotype in a socially acceptable manner. This means living up to the expectation to combine it all: work, family, caring roles etc. Most men do not experience this type of pressure and find it difficult to recognize or understand the implications of this pressure on women.

Sharing experiences with others will free you of any feelings of guilt, strengthen your self-confidence and unleash your energy. It will enable you to make more conscious choices both professionally and privately. The discrepancy in expectations for male and female leaders makes it nearly impossible to share experiences as such in a mixed group. A women-only group provides a safe space to share and learn.

It’s daunting how many women today still postpone motherhood out of fear of not being able to combine it with their career. I must confess I also found myself hesitating some thirty years ago whether or not I should have children at that time. I had three and I would never have wanted to miss out on having them on account of my career. Besides the great interaction, love and learning opportunity I have with my children, motherhood is the most enriching experience in my life. The link between motherhood and great leadership is easily made. Both are about the ability to cope with change, being flexible and resilient, coaching and developing talents in others. You learn to be more focused and efficient while leading and understanding a younger generation. ​Motherhood is not a threat to your career but an opportunity​.

Expanding your network, building a tribe of soul sisters and taking two days to tap into your great feminine energy is revealing and energizing. Most participants consider the SHINE training very impactful: “This training made a great difference in my life. I now know I’m not the only one who’s sometimes in doubt, struggling and facing challenges being a woman.” But the most rewarding feedback they give, is that they now have the tools to be more balanced, relaxed and happy. They feel more in touch with themselves, have a better understanding of who they are, and have found the strength to overcome doubts by sharing and reflecting together.  

Trusting and having confidence in your feminine energy gives you wings and enables you to fly. I like to quote Benazir Bhutto, my role model and inspirator:

“​My identity ultimately comes from being a woman and I want to make a difference in the life of other women”

Join the upcoming SHINE trainings on March 30 & 31 or June 18 & 19 in Brussels!

Danielle Moens

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