Five Reasons to Join SHINE #1

Five Reasons to Join SHINE #1

REASON #1 Do you want to enhance your energy level and move to the next stage in your career in a balanced way?

Are you

  • working in a male dominated industry (IT, engineering, chemical.....)?
  • climbing up the corporate ladder and finding yourself surrounded by increasingly few women?

Then attending the SHINE coaching/training program will help you not only to restore, but also maintain and enhance your balance.

Stereotypes and unconscious bias make it harder for women to advance in their career. Leadership is still associated with masculinity. Unconsciously you’re more in a ‘need to prove your competence’-mode and any flaws will be judged more harshly than in the case of your male counterparts. Studies show that women have more trouble getting noticed and are taken less seriously if they don’t conform and behave according to the norms set by men. On the other hand behaving too masculine, and therefore not conforming to the female stereotype of being nice and warm, might backlash as well. We call this the ‘double bind’ that women face.

All this is energy consuming and can be exhausting. I know what I’m talking about, as I have experienced it myself for many years. For me it almost resulted in a burnout, but you can take charge and prevent a negative outcome yourself​. So how does one take the lead in such an environment while staying balanced and true to yourself? ​This is what the SHINE training will coach you on. It will help you lead in an energized way while consciously making choices that work best for you. You will become empowered with knowledge and feedback that can help your career move forward in a balanced way in the upcoming years.

Every week I receive mails from women who attended SHINE. They thank me for making such a difference not only in their professional life, but also their personal one, as the one will affect the other as well. Are you looking for some guidance in staying balanced in the new year? Join the upcoming SHINE trainings on March 30 & 31 or June 18 & 19 in Brussels!

Danielle Moens

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