Are Women's Networks Still Relevant?

Are Women's Networks Still Relevant?

Last week I wrote a post here on LinkedIn to share how much I’ve enjoyed organising the past WISH Event.
Someone challenged my post by saying: how do you promote diversity and inclusion by promoting women-only events?

My answer to this comment was :

“We are passionate about Diversity & Inclusion, that is exactly the reason why we founded WISH (Women in Science and Healthcare) & WISE (Women in ICT Sharing Experiences) years ago.

Women are underrepresented in Science & Healthcare panels, boards and C level positions, even though they make up the majority of the workforce.

We often notice that women, compared to men, are less invested in building their network. Networking can be tricky, as it is about sharing mainly the positive things about yourself and your career. Hurdles and barriers, that had to be overcome in the past or that are still on the table, are often left out of the brief networking conversations. This is a pity, as there are huge learning opportunities by talking about them. By bringing women together in these events, we are giving them the time and space to share experiences about topics that matter to them. We stimulate sharing about the good and the bad. By doing this, the event does not only have a positive impact on the professional lives of women. It also results in more self-confidence, productivity, energy and drive. The value of sharing openly in a safe and positive environment gives women a boost that will benefit their work, their teams and their companies.

Our aim is to bring together women from different industries, age groups, religions, social backgrounds, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identities, etc.”

We’re sure that the women of the WISH & WISE communities will help their industry to become more diverse and inclusive.

I hope that you all agree.

Pascale Ameye - Co-founder - WISE & WISH Business Community Manager