Let's talk (work)shop!

Let's talk (work)shop!

The workshop ‘Networking with Fun & Results’

In the workshop ‘Networking with Fun & Results’, it was amazing to see how participants come to terms with doubts about their ability, or even with the necessity, to network. The workshop aims to motivate and arm these women with skills to grow out their professional network. Comparing male to female leaders, we notice that male leaders pay more attention to developing their network. This knowledge helps female leaders to understand the importance of networking better. The key to success is knowing that networking will help any individual with their personal development as well as their professional success and that of their team. When participants make a ‘click’ and let this insight settle, it becomes a huge motivator for them to develop their networking skills, thus enabling to fully unlock their potential!

Office politics

The workshop ‘The Political Game: Play it to change it’

After the workshop ‘The Political Game: Play it to change it’ it was a pleasure to hear how big the impact of the insights of this workshop was. Especially participants who suffered from the consequences of the political game, both career-wise and health-wise, really had an eye-opening experience. Political games are one of the most influential hidden reasons why women decide to drop out of their career, lose motivation or do not want to advance their career. Women, if attacked by company politics, take what happens to them professionally more personal and do not always have the mentor or network to give them the much needed resilience to deal with the situation adequately. The chances are high that they end up in a more vulnerable position. Providing them with skills to protect themselves and to play the political game themselves in a way that is in line with their own values gives them wings!

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June 21st, 2019


Danielle Moens