Coaching professional women to SHINE more!

Coaching professional women to SHINE more!

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I'm thrilled to experience over and over again how the SHINE training (Strategies Helping you Into the Next Level) unleashes energy for personal development and how it creates space to work on balanced leadership.

The training realizes career- and balance-advancement for talented professional women through an all-round exciting, highly participative and rewarding experience. Participants achieve not only more balance within themselves, have the impact they intend to have, but also learn to maximize the benefits of every opportunity that comes along. The training creates awareness and provides participants with tools to make their voice heard, to have the assets they bring to the table appreciated more and to created the space need to make their talents flourish.

I have experienced the corporate life myself for years, navigating my feminine energy through a highly masculine sales and tech environment. Even though the evolution of challenges goes very slow and many challenges I noticed ten years ago remain the same, it is very rewarding to be able to make the voices of these women heard. Tapping into the talents and qualities of each individual employee has numerous benefits for colleagues, teams and the entire organization. By giving organizations a clear sign which changes should be prioritised, they become able to give each employee equal opportunities, regardless of their gender. I am convinced the training gives back hope to women who work in highly traditional corporate cultures and prevents them from taking a step back or even a step out of their career the way I did over ten years ago.

As a coach, it is amazing to see the participants grow in just two days. It is one of my main drivers to plant the seeds for participants to become more balanced and to give them the needed energy to pass on the concept of balanced leadership to young women at the start of their careers. Working with small groups of participants from all kinds of organizations allows them to learn not only from me, but also from each other. Needless to say that I learn something new every time I give the SHINE training. This definitely is of great help when I consult organizations who are aiming to achieve more diversity, inclusion and balance.

I hear participants say how happy they are to have taken these two days for their personal development, learning from others as well as getting constructive feedback from an experienced coach. The importance of SHINE and of putting balanced leadership into practice becomes clear naturally during the training. SHINE succeeds not only in engaging participants to take the lead in creating an inclusive culture within their own organization but also has a great impact through SHINE-alumni motivating young talented women in their network to participate as well. Those participants becoming aware of balanced leadership much earlier on in their careers is what will have the biggest impact. It is amazing to see the dream I had 15 years ago come to live more and more with every SHINE training. Thank you very much for that.

Danielle Moens

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