Our Vision

shutterstock 342912257We believe that companies who invest in creating inclusive cultures will be the leaders of tomorrow.

People working in an inclusive organization are more engaged and happier. They are invited continuously to contribute with all their talents. Their motivation is fueled by a feeling of belonging, of being listened to and being rewarded for what they bring to the table. Balanced and inclusive companies are first in attracting, retaining and engaging the best and diverse talents, more innovative in their approach thanks to diversity of thought, and more agile and flexible to respond to market changes.

Our unique approach: inclusive organizations can only be built by balanced leaders. Balanced leaders recognize, value and develops the masculine and feminine energy in themselves and their teams. 

They are able to connect with the diversity in their company and in the marketplace, and can unlock the full potential it holds.

Our Team

  • Danielle Moens Co-founder & Female Leadership Coach
  • Michèle Mees Co-founder & Balanced Leadership Coach
  • Pascale Ameye Co-founder & Business Community Coach
  • Olivier Nanga Inclusion Expert
  • Margot Ceelen Expert Social Media & Illustrator
  • Bruno Chevolet Expert Engaging Men
  • Sidney De Keersmaeker Expert Millennials
  • Houssein Boukhriss Expert Cultural Diversity
  • Fabiola Benavente Expert Communication & Change Management
  • Sylvie Verleye Expert presentations & Public Speaking
  • Siobhan Orton Expert Talent Management & Strategic Development and Implementation D&I Strategy
  • Karen Vanherck Diversity & Inclusion Communications Manager

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